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They're ba-a-ack!

Mosquitoes, that is. And this time they mean business.

As the warm weather sets in, so does the unmistakable 'itch of summer' - mosquitoes have returned for another irritating season! And as they begin their blood-thirsty assault they carry the risk of West Nile Virus, a threat that is much more serious than the red, itchy bites that mosquitoes leave behind.

West Nile Virus has become a standard summer threat to North Americans since its first case in 1999. Cases of West Nile Virus now begin cropping up early in each summer season.

When dealing with mosquito control and the West Nile Virus, mosquito prevention is your best bet. Mosquitoes101 has been created to give the mosquito-bitten public some general insight about mosquito control products such as electric bug zappers, mosquito dunks and pesticides, DEET mosquito repellant, mosquito magnets and other innovations. Our pages also include mosquito preventative measures, West Nile Virus facts and symptoms as well as tips for making your home and family unattractive to mosquitoes!

Mosquito Basics

Studies estimate there are 100 trillion mosquitoes in the world today, and each one is responsible for about 5 human 'bites' a day

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