Mosquito Control Devices

These days, North Americans have no choice but to take preventative measures against hoards of blood-thirsty mosquitoes. Since the arrival of West Nile Virus, many mosquito control devices have arrived on the market that can be used alone or in combination with one another to keep mosquitoes away.

The mosquito control industry includes the following categories of products:

Electric Bug Zappers - work by attracting bugs to an ultraviolet light and frying them on contact.

Mosquito Magnets - or carbon dioxide devices, simulate human breathing by emitting carbon dioxide. Once a mosquito is within range, the mosquito trap sucks them in!

Ultrasonic Mosquito Devices - repel mosquitoes by emitting a high-pitched, dragonfly sound. Ultrasonic mosquito repellers are marketed in wristbands, clip-ons, table-top or keychain models.

Mosquito Inhibitors - emit a scent that blocks a mosquito's olfactory receptors and keeps them from finding human meals.

Citronella Candles & Mosquito Coils - turn mosquitoes off with their smoke. Citronella candles and many other plant-oil products such as incense and lotions deter mosquitoes by masking natural human odors.

Mosquito Repellants - contain the synthetic chemical repellant DEET, which makes humans unattractive to mosquitoes. DEET is by far the most effective mosquito repellant on the market today.

Mosquito Dunks - or larvicides, can be dropped in standing water to effectively kill mosquito larvae and black flies.

Mosquito Netting - can be worn in mosquito-infested areas and offers no contact between your skin and mosquitoes.

Bats - are nature's very own insecticide, consuming about 600 mosquito-sized insects every hour.

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Did You Know?

A female mosquito can lay 3,000 eggs in her lifetime.