Mosquito Dunks

Mosquito Dunks, also called larvicides, are donut-shaped bacteria tablets that you can drop in standing water such as fish ponds, rain barrels, water fountains and bird baths to kill mosquito larvae. The main source of mosquito-killing bacteria in mosquito dunks is called Bacillus thuringienis, or BTI, a bacterial toxin that infects and kills mosquito larvae and black flies.

Mosquito dunks with BTI contain no poisonous chemicals and are completely harmless to birds and ornamental pond fish. One mosquito dunk can treat 100 square feet of standing water against mosquito larvae for approximately one month.

Mosquito dunks are effective when eaten by the mosquito larvae, because BTI damages the gut cells once it enters the body cavity and kills mosquito larvae.

A moderate to heavy dose of mosquito dunks with BTI will reduce the mosquito population by one half in 15 minutes and the rest within one hour.

Did You Know?

There are more than 2,500 species of mosquitoes in the world, 170 of which can be found in North America.

Mosquito pesticides with BTI can also be applied to bushes on your property with conventional spraying equipment or applied several times daily with chemical sprinklers.

Mosquito dunks can be purchased in packages of 12 for about $10 to $25 online.

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